Pave Patrol, LLC
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brushed concrete on a sidewalk newly poured concrete

Enhance your outdoor space with concrete

Modern concrete consists primarily of four components: Portland cement, sand, gravel, and water. It requires experience and a keen eye to make it look seamless. Pave Patrol, LLC can  provide you your look.

Call today to work personally with a designer to create your own style.


Create a special outdoor space with concrete

Whether you want to add a unique style to your home or you are looking for a more economical method of finishing concrete, you can come to us for all your stamped and regular concrete needs. Make your home appear more durable and timeless with the use of our many concrete options.

We offer you concrete color charts and stamp patterns to give you a great idea of how you can make your concrete more unique. View our stamped concrete.

Take advantage of the classic look

of broom-finish / regular concrete

Broom-finished concrete is the most popular finish for concrete driveways and walkways for skid resistance.


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